Selected Experiences:

OWN: Snapchat AR Face Lens

OWN wanted to bring a younger demographic to the premiere of ‘Love Is ___’ via a branded Snapchat AR Face Lens encouraging new viewers to connect with the show’s characters and drive awareness for the series premiere.

JANA: Augmented Reality

With the new AR platform, maintenance personnel are able to use an iPad app that identifies components with object recognition and brings relevant information to their fingertips.

Honda Civic Tour

From the concert’s main stage to the iOS/Android app, the Honda Civic Tour experience prioritizes prime, interactive access to the stars, the music and the brand.

PLNAR: Augmented Reality Floor Plans

PLNAR is the easiest, most accurate, and most fun way to capture the perimeter and area of any room by simply tapping the corners of the room as you walk through the space with an iPhone and the new app.

Pediatric VR MRI Experience

Isometry designed and developed a virtual reality MRI scan simulation for the Cleveland Clinic to help pediatric patients acclimate to the procedure in advance of their first scan.

OSHA Lock-Out Tag-Out VR Safety Training

Isometry designed and created a tunnel boring machine simulator as an ideal setting to train and reinforce critical safety procedures with a realistic VR simulation

Architecture Design Review and Visualization

Our client looked for a better way to prototype and present the outdoor space redesign for a Bon Appétit-featured restaurant at a tier-one hotel development.