Create accurate floor plans with Apple’s ARKit and PLNAR

The Challenge

From painstakingly laying out the floor plan of a new kitchen for flooring to quickly capturing the dimensions of a dorm room to see if an Ikea couch will fit, measuring rooms is often an archaic process requiring tape, paper, pencil, and probably two people. From the home hobbyists to realtors, contractors, and other pros, the process is ready for an upgrade.

Our Solution

Collaborating with SmartPicture and Apple Engineering/Design teams, Isometry released PLNAR in tandem with Apple’s September ARKit launch event and the app quickly became a fixture at the top of the App Store – garnering 100K downloads in the first two weeks.

Tell Me More

PLNAR is the easiest, most accurate, and most fun way to capture the perimeter and area of any room by simply tapping the corners of the room as you walk through the space with an iPhone and the new app. iOS 11 introduced ARKit, jump-starting phone-based augmented reality. Combined with SmartPicture’s award-winning measurement tools, PLNAR makes creating, editing, and sharing floor plans easy and enjoyable. Additional features are available to Pro users, including capturing walls and windows, and creating full 3D models.


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Customer: SmartPicture
Platform: iOS (ARKit)

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