Sprinkles the Teddy Bear and VR Reduce Anxiety for Pediatric MRI Patients at the Cleveland Clinic

The Challenge

Pediatric MRI scans often fail due to children’s discomfort and movement during the scanning process – a process that requires long periods of immobility within a loud, confined space. Additionally, pediatric patients often feel anxious about entering the scanner, further delaying the procedure. Restarts and delays necessitate rescheduling of subsequent appointments requiring the same team and equipment.

Our Solution

Isometry designed and developed a virtual reality MRI scan simulation for the Cleveland Clinic to help pediatric patients acclimate to the procedure in advance of their first scan. Allowing young patients to familiarize themselves with the scanner in VR first reduces the anxiety associated with the unknown procedure in advance, and helps the patient successfully complete their scan.

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The pediatric MRI VR experience is a portable, interactive simulation built for the Google Daydream phone-based VR platform – eliminating costly infrastructure requirements. The experience is integrated into the existing process or may be sent home in advance. The two scenes are narrated by a nurse walking the viewer through the experience. Initially the patient assists with “Sprinkles” the Teddy Bear’s MRI scan, and then experiences a short scan themselves. The patient leaves the simulation confident and familiar with the procedure.

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Customer: Cleveland Clinic
Agency: MU/DAI

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