AR Platform for Technical Documentation and Maintenance

JANA, a leading engineering services company, delivers documentation and technical services for many of the nation’s largest aviation, heavy equipment, and technology companies. They author, illustrate, publish, and administer technical publication programs for their customers – and have for the past four decades.

Access to up-to-date records for maintenance and other procedures is critical for compliance in these industries. Together, JANA and Isometry envisioned a new way to deliver these resources to maintenance technicians via augmented reality.

On-Demand Resources and Object Recognition

With the new AR platform, maintenance personnel are able to use an iPad app that identifies components with object recognition and brings relevant information to their fingertips – including manuals, maintenance/job history, and 3D procedure walkthroughs. Traditional step-by-step maintenance instructions have been simplified with visual renders of the procedures, increasing compliance and eliminating time previously spent searching for documentation.


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Customer: JANA Corporation
Platform: iOS (ARKit, Vuforia)

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