A Hotel Restaurant Design is Transformed into an Interactive, Full-Size Model via Google Daydream

The Challenge

Walking a client through architectural design concepts using traditional screen-based tools cannot capture the essence of innovative and compelling visions the way an immersive virtual reality experience does. Our client looked for a better way to prototype and present the outdoor space redesign for a Bon Appétit-featured restaurant at a tier-one hotel development.

Our Solution

Isometry ingested engineering models from our client (an architecture design studio) and transformed the presentation into a richly rendered, interactive experience that empowered the viewer to be transported directly into the design. The studio was able to set itself apart from other competing design firms by letting the stakeholders see, hear, and even stand in the finished design before the physical work had even begun.

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The design concept is expanded into a fully immersive, interactive experience built for the Google Daydream phone-based VR platform, allowing the studio to present its concept using the portable headset and integrated remote without any hardware setup or additional requirements. The decision-maker was immediately transported into the finished design, where they can see intricate details including hardwood floors, leaves of the selected flora, and the crackling fire pit for preparing s’mores in the lounge area. As the viewer approaches the outdoor bar, the hum of the crowd’s conversation can be heard over the ambient background music, creating a memorable walk through the beautiful architectural design.

Customer: Austin Outdoor Design (AOD)

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