Health and Fitness

ekgreaderOk, ok, it’s not VR/AR related, BUT, the FDA just approved an EKG reader compatible with the Apple Watch. While knowing your heart rate is helpful (a key feature on many fitness trackers), more focused data will certainly affect the potential audience of smart watches. This could perhaps increase the purchasing presence of older consumer groups, as well as insurance deductions. This release and approval sets a tone for FDA approved medical devices on our persons which will surely impact other extensions and devices.

Furthermore, a new study from Tel Aviv University suggests that VR can help improve brain functionality in patients that suffer from Parkinson’s. By coordinating a virtual experience with a treadmill, it combines cognitive rehab with motor functionality.

In, what I’d call, a highly anticipated use case for Medical VR, a doctor in France has performed the first VR assisted surgery. While surgeries have been broadcasted in VR before, this is the first occasion in which the surgeon wore a headset during the surgery to project 3D images onto the patient, as well as a way for him to connect to SMEs in other countries.


Last, but not least, stay fit by using this little guy to lead you around. He may lack muscle tone and (probably) some bones, but he’s having such a good time! 

The Holidays, a prime time for nostalgia

Nothing gets more meta than playing a retro game on a retro gaming system, as a game. EmuVR released videos of their experience, which is essentially reliving your teenage years (for better, or for worse). The experience allows you to return to “your” childhood home, and simulates that game playing ritual of the past. I wonder if within the mocked up bedroom, there will be food trash, clothes on the floor, etc? Based on the amount of detail they’ve poured into it so far – I wouldn’t be surprised. Retro is clearly in (self-promotion plug: Starfox).

In other VR/AR News…a quick run down, bullet style.